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We are adding our smaller 5-8 minute average clips that we currently have inside our membership areas and clip stores of GwenMedia and DominationOnline.  We hope to be your "one stop shop" for all of your favorite GwenMedia and Isabella Sinclaire videos. 

 Clips will be updated several times a week so bookmark this page to see all the latest additions to our growing library of kink. 

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You can go into your order history by clicking "My Account", then click "Orders", click the "Details" tab under the order and you will see your receipt with the downloadable link there. Click it, save it to your computer, watch it.  Its that easy.

IMPORTANT:  Be aware that you will have 3 days to download your titles before they expire and you will have 3 downloads for each selection to use within the 3 day download period before your clip becomes inactive.   

  • A slave returns 2, Part 1 -HD MP4

    A slave returns 2, Part 1 -HD MP4

    Mistress Isabella welcomes a slave back to her dungeon by letting him feel the leather of her gloves slapping him in the face and making him feel her full weight as she sits on him, wondering if he could be her human furniture for as long as she wanted. After carrying out a quick slave inspection, Isabella is ready to begin reclaiming this slave as her playtoy.


    720p High Def MP4

    6 minutes

    • $4.99
  • A slave's return 2, Part 2 HD MP4

    A slave's return 2, Part 2 HD MP4

    Mistress Isabella gives her slave a few face slaps with her leather gloves before tying him up with a rope bondage body harness. As Isabella ties the ropes, she humiliates her slave with his confession that, since he last saw her, he has learned to love sucking other men's cocks and getting fucked in the ass with strap-ons. Isabella teases him with the possibility of her inviting over some Domme friends to fuck him in the ass while he sucks on Isabella's strap-on.

    720p HD MP4 File Format  

    Length: 6 minutes

    • $4.99
  • A Slave's Return 2, Part 3 HD MP4

    A Slave's Return 2, Part 3 HD MP4

    Mistress Isabella continues taunting her slave for being such a slut as she uses her riding crop on his body, concentrating on his cock and balls and his nipples. Isabella just laughs as her slave collapses from the hits to his genitals, then heartlessly orders him to stand up straight again to give her a better target. She wonders whether he has been away so long that he has forgotten how much of a sadist she is.

    720p HD MP4 File Format

    Length: 6 minutes

    • $4.99
  • A Slave's Return 2, Part 4 HD MP4

    A Slave's Return 2, Part 4 HD MP4

    Mistress Isabella decides to see for herself just how much of a slut her slave has become by making him suck on her strapon. As her slave sucks away at her command, Isabella laughs at what a pansy sissy he has become. She tells him that she will now be making him suck off other men just for her amusement, slapping his face with her cock. Since her slut can't keep his hands off cock, Isabella allows him to jerk his pathetic dick while he sucks hers. Isabella then tells him that he will now be whipped for the offense of becoming a slut without her supervision.

    720p HD MP4 File Format  

    Length: 5 minutes

    • $4.99
  • A Slave's Return 2, Part 6 HD MP4

    A Slave's Return 2, Part 6 HD MP4

    Mistress Isabella teases her slave pansy about his new fetish for sucking cock as he worships her feet, telling him to imagine that her toes are cocks. When the slave gets too eager, Isabella reminds him that her feet make excellent ball kickers as well. When Isabella is tired of having her feet worshipped, she sends her slave home with his dick hard, denying him any relief for his excitement.

    720p HD MP4 File Format

    Length: 7 minutes

    • $5.99
  • A Slave's Return 2, Part 5 HD MP4

    A Slave's Return 2, Part 5 HD MP4

    Mistress Isabella delivers the promised whipping to her slave while continuing to mock his new lack of pain tolerance. She wonders if it is just because he likes to suck cocks now. But she also knows that he will take whatever pain she wishes to dish out because of how desperately he wants to worship her beautiful feet.


    720p HD MP4 File Format


    Length: 6 minutes

    • $5.99
  • Suffering for Vanity  1 HD MP4

    Suffering for Vanity 1 HD MP4

    Slave Natalie is eager to please, and who can blame her when her Mistress is the lovely Vanity Sin? The half-naked girl is allowed to kneel at the feet of the blue-haired Domme, to oil and shine Vanity's rich, ebony latex. Carefully and dutifully Natalie's hands glide over the length of her Mistress' legs, massaging in the oil all the way up to the edge of the rubber stocking tops as Vanity stares her down with a satisfied gleam in her eyes.
    Natalie is a true submissive, her worship and admiration of Vanity shines through in every moment, giving off involuntary moans of desire as she's permitted to run her oil-slick hands over the Domina's ass, crotch, and breasts. She can hardly contain her excitement as she goes about her duties; the dynamic between these two is poetic, romantic, and a beautiful display of the softer side of the Domme/sub relationship.
    Now, do try to control yourself, Natalie. This is really just the beginning. Good girl...


    Length: 9 minutes

    • $7.99
  • Suffering For Vanity 2 HD MP4

    Suffering For Vanity 2 HD MP4

    Now that Miss Vanity Sin is all oiled up and shiny in her latex outfit, it's time to put her naked servant Natalie into some appropriate serving garb. Mistress is very patient, helping her pet slip on a pair of latex gloves, then sliding her into a full-body rubber catsuit. Vanity coats her slave's chest with oil, gently rubbing it into the latex as Natalie squirms with delight. Vanity runs her hands all over the girl's legs, arms, and especially her crotch, eliciting little moans of pleasure from the slave before slipping a hood over her head and completing the outfit.

    Starring Vanity Sin and lil' miss Natalie!


    Length: 8 minutes

    • $6.99
  • Suffering for Vanity 3 HD MP4

    Suffering for Vanity 3 HD MP4

    Now that Miss Vanity Sin has her slave-girl Natalie wrapped up in a rubber catsuit with her hands bound behind her back, it's time to get her started on the chores. With a feather duster lodged in her mouth, she gets to work as the Domme lounges and looks on, with imperious disdain. The poor thing does her best trying to clean Vanity's shelves like a good girl, but it looks like no matter how hard she tries she can't help but disappoint her Mistress.
    Out of frustration, Vanity pulls Natalie from her duties and forces her into the bathroom, where the slave is made to kneel before the toilet and perform the humiliating task of licking it clean. As her soft, pink tongue runs around the seat, the Dominatrix reprimands her pet, telling Natalie's that the reason she's not allowed to properly worship a woman like herself is because this is where her tongue really belongs.

    Starring lil' miss Natalie and Vanity Sin!

    Length: 6 minutes

    • $4.99
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